Movable Type Meetup – On!

Hurrah! At least five Singapore MT users (including myself) will be attending this coming Monday’s meeting. Which means I will be seeing you at Olio Dome, Suntec City at 7pm.
View the members list to find out who’s attending.
The agenda has yet to be confirmed. We don’t have to talk about technical stuff (unless you have a burning question, which might be better discussed via email anyway).


  1. a l

    hello – just to let u know i will probably be late, but will drop by as soon as i can for a quick cuppa. =)

  2. kristen

    i’ll be there. husband-man will most likely be working late, so i don’t think he’ll be able to grace us with his presence this time.

  3. vantan

    Sure! That would be cool. Now, if you could just Photoshop out all blemishes and bulges… 😉
    It was good to meet all of you (again).

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