‘Monster, unincorporated

My list of regular reads, bookmarked in Newsmonster, disappeared mysteriously today. I didn’t install any new software before that, so I am still wondering why it happened. I re-installed Newsmonster and rebooted my computer, but it didn’t help.
Strangely, folders containing data on my list of newsfeeds still reside in my hard drive. I tried dragging each file into Newsmonster (a little unscientific, I know), hoping something would get imported. Nothing did. That irked me. I was not going to manually add 62 links back into the program and re-create my folder hierarchies.
The other thing is, ever since installing Newsmonster, Mozilla has been crashing and/or eating up CPU power, big time. It didn’t cause enough problems on a regular basis, but it did start to irritate me. The missing bookmarks are the final score. Sure, I liked the fact that it was embedded in my favourite browser, but there’s no way I’m going to upgrade to the Pro version, judging from the way it’s been performing so far. And it looks like I’m not the only one with problems.
I’m still tinkering around with the system, hoping that something will work out. But in the meantime, my search for a better feed reader, begins.
[Update @ 1am: I was dutifully in the act of submitting a bug report when Mozilla crashed on me. I will try one more time.]