Disturbing politics.

Today I touched on material that was certainly not relaxing. I continued reading Guardian journalist Greg Palast‘s book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy [rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with 74 votes so far], and was both disturbed and enlightened – probably because I didn’t expect crooked politicians to be even more crooked than I thought they were. I haven’t finished reading the book, but it does cover the US election fraud, how 9-11 could’ve been avoided, and how the energy crisis really happened.

Disturbing and misguided CSS rant.

I also had the misfortune of reading a forum post overrun by web builders who seem to be taking a personal vengeance attack on Cascading Stylesheets. Oh, please. They say CSS won’t work because some browsers don’t support it. Welcome back to the Stone Age, I say. We might as well stop innovating entirely, because nobody will support your new technology in the immediate future.

One of these guys (no real name) even put up a web page listing down its defects. Allow me to quote:

[CSS advocates assert that] TABLES are for TABULAR DATA and not meant for Layout whereas CSS is more suited for this.

Last time I checked, most web sites use a database. Hence, tabular data. Furthermore, there was typically more than one column in a database. Thus, ROWS and COLUMNS. Otherwise why even use a database?

Is this guy serious? The nutter got his databases mixed up with layout tables! I only have pity for this kind of people. Wait – no. He’s selling Dreamweaver templates on his website, too. I detect an ulterior motive. And BTW, bud, it’s still easier uploading one CSS file than uploading all your web pages every time you change the design.

When I step back and take a look at everything that’s being done, that doesn’t make sense and doesn’t benefit the common people … I realise that in the end, no matter what field you’re in, it’s all about money, isn’t it?


  1. Lucian

    You sure this isn’t a spoof? Using CSS doesn’t save time??? Tell that to my readers (ok, reader….ok, my wife ok?!?!?) who had to suffer unbearable load times when I used a nested table layout. I’m sure his content is as informative as a spacer gif.
    Where are the blink tags on his site anyway???

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