We’ve moved the computers to the new apartment, so naturally I have moved myself with them 🙂 Before I decided to do that, I spent Saturday evening and most of today without a computer. I started to think, hey, I have to check the news online. Then I realised that I couldn’t. Later on, I would forget somebody’s details and start walking to the computer room to open up my Inbox… only to realise that I couldn’t.
How dependent is my life on computers, you wonder? Well, I didn’t die without them. My hands didn’t shake, and I didn’t go crazy (not yet, anyway). I did feel a little bored, but hey, there are tonnes of books I’ve bought that I haven’t finished reading yet. And I actually had a social life yesterday – a lovely dinner with church friends. When I got home, I had a pleasant time reading a political book (more about it when I’m finished) and the Bible. So that didn’t turn out too badly.
That’s all for now, folks. There are lots more wires in this room that need to be connected, and mucho emails to reply to.


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