The Rain falls Mainly on Wimbledon

Star Sports, our only cable channel showing Wimbledon, has been oscillating between a replay of the Popp-Philippoussis match and a live telecast of the Henman-Grosjean match because of the darned English weather.
From the way it looks, the Scud’s being Popped. Or, he’s Philippoussizzling with a Popp. The Aussie looks scary, visually. Like a slimmer version of Andre the Giant, with a dark brooding stare and a goatee. The German guy is really tall. And good. I don’t really care who wins this match, though.
But I am partial to Sebastien, with the large darling eyes. He’s been well behaved so far, which is more than I can say for his opponent. [Update: Grosjean was born on 29 May 1978, making him four days younger than me!]
Together with Greg Rusedski, Tim Henman has demonstrated that Englishmen can be rude too. Telling the umpire you’re not listening to what he has to say, then stalking off, is not good form. Statistically anyhow, in terms of winners, first serves, aces, previous matches played and seeding, Grosjean is the superior player. Henman bears the weight of all expectations from his countrymen, though.
Every time I look at Grosjean, I can almost picture him in a Musketeer’s uniform, whipping a sword instead of a tennis racquet. He’s been awfully quiet and subdued this match, but I’d say it’s a crafty plan to conserve his energy. I’d like him to win, much as it would disappoint the host country – especially having to lose to a Frenchman.
When is it going to stop raining?! Some people have to sleep, y’know. I’m keeping myself awake by packing stuff and going through empty diskettes and CD-ROMS of dubious (written? blank? faulty?) status.
A ridiculously huge ant (3cm long) was crawling around the room just now. It was substantial enough to make a thud sound when it landed on one of our boxes. Finally, dad found it and clobbered it. Even then, lying mangled, it was still moving its legs about. I flung it into the toilet bowl. This paragraph is pointless. I’m bored. I have to stay awake. Good night.
Update: Grosjean has won, fair and square. He was in tears during his post-match interview. Aww.