As my baptism date approaches …

Today I engaged in a book-buying spree. I was at the bookshop and had originally intended to just pick up a copy of ‘The Pianist’. I decided to buy the screenplay version as well, because the film had touched me greatly and the script was simple yet so meaningful.
Following that, I chose something off the foreign policy shelves: Why do people hate America? which I had heard about, and upon flipping through its pages, decided that it would make a suitable read.
I also picked up a copy of Dead Reckoning, since I had dinner with the author Dr Baden several months ago and found him to be a pretty interesting fellow.
It was then that I saw the Koran, translated by a British author who was also an Iraqi scholar (as rare as it gets), published by Penguin. I decided I knew little of other people’s religions, and based on what I myself have experienced, I didn’t feel comfortable analysing or making judgements on anything until I knew enough about the subject. So I bought the book, and am planning to read it – alongside the Bible.
Some issues are very similar; while others differ greatly. When I’m done, I might have enough to compile a comparison table, strictly based on these texts.