Very OK

Dad and I met up for lunch, for the first time ever since I started working.
I brought him to OK Yong Tau Foo, probably the most crowded unit on Mosque Street during lunch time. We had to wait over 20 minutes for our food to be served, but it was worth it.
What touched me as a regular customer was that, in the middle of my meal, one of the aunties handed me some coins. I was a little surprised. She asked me in Mandarin if I was the one who had tea this morning at their coffeeshop. I said yes. She replied, we realised that the tea was stale, so here’s your money back. My dad was impressed.
At the cashier, I realised that Makan Sutra had awarded them with a 6 (or are they counted as 3 pairs?) chopsticks Oscars award for 2002 – the highest honour any restaurant could attain.
Add another for service.
[ update: The Yahoo food guide gives it a 6/6 too ]


  1. Queenie

    Woohoo! One up for the service industry in Singapore! Right, I’m dining there real soon! REspecKT to Auntie! (bet she did’nt have to get all those silly paper qualifications to learn her manners). And yes dear, very cute that u r counting chopsticks 🙂

  2. vantan

    :0) Hmm I’m not sure if the Yahoo guide actually takes the ratings from Makan Sutra since they’re kind of affiliated … but well … it’s yummy anyway.
    If you don’t mind the aunties screaming out orders at the top of their voices. And the price!

  3. Queenie

    Not at all! Great ambience and drama! price is affordable right? If food is good, is worth paying for. nice to know they r so service-oriented & concerned to upkeep standards of food served.

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