Why this site was down

Some of you have noticed that this site was (once again) down, over the weekend.
This was because my web host screwed up big time.
You see, I own two domain names. One is vantan.org, the other is a dormant account which hasn’t been used for anything yet. I asked them to RENEW vantan.org and switch the dormant account to a new host called AddAction. They wrote back saying, OK, tell us what the new nameservers are. I sent the details to them, specifying that it was for my OTHER domain name.
Instead, they switched vantan.org’s nameservers and left the other domain alone. I found this out when I checked INTERNIC‘s registry over the weekend. I wrote back saying, hey, vantan.org is down. You got my requests mixed up. Please switch them back ASAP.
It took them another day to reply to me, and even more time for this site to get back online. My email was down as well, and what’s worse, nothing bounced back to the senders so they won’t know that I didn’t get their emails.
My web host didn’t even apologise for the two-day outage after fixing the problem. All they said in their final email to me was, they’ve ‘made the changes as requested’. They used to be able to apologise. So much for their legendary service. If I had an e-commerce site hosted by them, I’d sue for two days of lost business.
So anyway, please resend me any emails I might have missed over the weekend. Sorry and thanks.