St George’s update: an ongoing log

The time is 10.43pm. I am now downloading the current/old St George’s website as a backup (in case things go terribly wrong later).
11.06pm. The old site has been backed up. I have uploaded a placeholder page while I replace old with new.
11.36pm. Making some amendments before uploading virtually all the new files.
11.48pm. Uploading the new files.
There’s an argument on BBC going on right now. Muslim cleric (presumably extremist) and the host of the show, from opposite ends of the spectrum. I hope nobody gets killed.
1.14 am. More amendments and uploads.
Some content is still pending. Check it out, anyway:
Dang, Netscape 7 doesn’t seem to recognise the margin spacing I’ve given the content. But it renders fine in IE and Opera. Any suggestions?
I’m sleepy. I’ll leave it as it is tonight and see what the others think tomorrow, at the office.


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