Jazzing it up

Bruno called today, asking if I was interested in accompanying a jazz singer who’s performing at Takashimaya next month.
I was excited but naturally apprehensive. While I’ve been playing piano / keyboards for most of my life, I have no formal jazz training, and my uncle (a jazz drummer) said he could tell from my technique that I was classically trained. Eep. Anyway, the date clashes with my mother’s birthday, so I guess I’ll give this one a miss.
Nonetheless I am looking out for good books on improvisation and jazz chords. So if anyone has any titles to recommend, let me know and I’ll add them to my list the next time I visit Yamaha.
There might be a collaboration or two in the pipelines.


  1. vantan

    Ha ha, I was actually thinking of you when I wrote this. And a couple other people who play different instruments.
    Jazz violin is unusual but cool. I’ve heard a few tracks from a friend’s CD and it gives the music a different flavour.
    I have one old composition which requires jazz flute at the end. A few of you have heard the piece before, actually (thanks to the wonders of my KORG 16-track workstation). Any takers?

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