Back with a vengeance

Hurrah. My database is working again.
My new PC is still not working. I want my old machine back. My sister needs more practice.
Backlogged for Jan 7: To celebrate my dad’s birthday, we had an excellent Japanese dinner at Kuriya, then watched a movie, 2 Weeks’ Notice. Granted, it’s typical Bullock with a Hollywood happy ending. We didn’t exactly roar with laughter although there were many amusing scenes. The toilet flush prank reminded me of the British plumbing I had when I was in university and all the nasty things I did to Simran when she used my shower.
During the downtime, I came across Pepys’ Diary. It’s a clever way of presenting the writings of Samuel Pepys (17th century diarist), allowing readers to post ‘Annotations’ to each entry. Here’s the BBC review.


  1. niki

    “British plumbing” is an elegant way of putting it! Smart, ’cause I am sure readers wouldnt enjoy reading that the gutter exploded and filled the toilet floor and walls with disintegrated shit! Oups!…Sorry! 🙂

  2. vantan

    Oh yes! THAT too.
    Folks, Niki was my next door neighbour during my third year. Our toilets were all interconnected. One day, someone else flushed down a whole load of shit and it ended up on MY side. I assure you that the shit wasn’t mine as I was, erm, slightly constipated. Neither was the shit Niki’s as she had been away that week (?).
    When she got back, I showed her the cesspool I was trying to flush down (like any conscientious neighbour). Then I called the plumber and he gave it a heavy plumbing which forced the shit back into the pipes. So my problem was solved.
    Until Niki got back to her room later that day, to find the shit had exploded out of HER toilet! She then subconciously used her Hellenic charm (and the fact that she was only clad in a bathrobe) to persuade our Senior Resident Huw to attend to the problem immediately.

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