Lord of the Rings: a rave

I just came back from watching Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It was a mind-blowing, fantastic, absolutely thrilling epic. Underlying the obvious fight between good and evil, there were numerous personal conflicts that we ourselves can allude to: Envy, greed, distrust, lust – and most of that can already be seen in various people from the ‘good’ side. Look at poor Gollum, whose schizophrenia personifies this pefectly.
It just reminds us that nobody is truly perfect, and sometimes the inner battle is just as crucial as the outward one.
I’ll also draw an inference from Gandalf’s supposed demise, rebirth and rise to the ranks of the White, with the death and resurrection of Christ our saviour, and the eventual triumph of Good over Evil. I know there are articles out there about Tolkien and his faith and while I haven’t read any of them, I’m sure he meant all of this to be interpreted by us in such a manner.
Less profound stuff: Why oh why did that Elven commander have to die? He had the kind of peaceful, heroic look on his face that made me think he’d get away unscathed – I mean, his compatriot Legolas is still looking pretty after several major skirmishes with Orcs. And I thought King Theoden was a goner but he survived. [No, I have NOT read any of the books yet. ]
[ update: The commander is Haldir from Lothlorien. Thanks, Van Heng! ]
Even less profound stuff: Liv Tyler looked great, as usual. And I like the Trees and what they did to Saruman’s tower. Wahahaha.


  1. Yvonne

    Hey Vanessa, merry Christmas!
    Am stuck in New England snowdrifts this vacation, taking care of giant tadpoles and a gazillion plants fo friends, and longing for bak kut teh and suntans.

  2. a l

    Tolkien never meant it as an allegory, although he was undoubtedly influenced by Christian imagery etc. (apparently he said so himself in his last interview) He was a staunch Catholic. U can find more of it via googling “Tolkien, Lord Of The Rings, allegory?” 🙂

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