Blogging against logging

See the activists, sitting on a tree
(Taken from Wired News)
I admire the resilience these people have and the idea of using technology to promote their cause to the rest of the world, but I wouldn’t get too caught up in the ‘tree-spirit’ thing.
Thankfully, we don’t have logging problems in Singapore. First of all, the kind of trees that grow on our island aren’t worth much commercially (since it used to be all swamp and jungle). Secondly, we have very strict laws on chopping down trees – even on private property.
My uncle just moved into his new house, and while it was being constructed, he had to chop down a few trees which got in the way. To do so, he needed a permit and also had to plant back the same number of trees he chopped. An inspector from the National Parks Board even visited him to make sure he was planting the right species.