Back from Shanghai

I’m back from Shanghai! The food was great, we toured neighbouring Suzhou and Hangzhou on day trips, and the other women in the family bought a lot of things. All I chose for myself were a bag, a keychain, tea leaves, and some sweets. I’m a terrible shopper.
Oh yes, my parents sent me and my sister to the tailor’s to get measured for a cheong sam each. Mine’s red and rather pretty and will most probably be worn during Chinese New Year.
I will be compiling my travel log, day by day, in the next few days.


  1. cuifen

    hee…hi! got ur web-site add off the straits times computing section, so decided to take a look. i’ll be visiting shanghai, suzhou, and hangzhou at the end of the week, and it tickles me to see that u have just returned from a similar trip! i hope the scenery is like those gongu drama serials… =)
    ur blog looks great! mua just starting a blog too…but it’s just simple html, nothing too fanciful
    all the best!

  2. Kar

    Hi VT !
    Thought I’d drop a line from Kunming China !
    It’s been great here so far, apart from my upset tummy due to the tap water here, but who else to blame !
    Chinese food is excellent ! Variaty and quality !
    Yummy !
    The Tailor popped by yesterday and i got myself 4 wool suits for just under $100 each !
    And she’s bringing some silk material for my cheongsum the next visit, can’t wait !
    Allrite, take care hava merry xmas and seeya soon!

  3. vantan

    Cuifen – simple sites rock. They’re the best.
    Karen – I see you’re enjoying yourself! Yes you should not drink Chinese tap water. My hotel even placed a warning next to my bathroom sink about it.
    So the tailor actually visited you! Talk about good service. And Chinese silk is excellent, good and cheap. You have to take photos of yourself in your new clothes!
    Merry Christmas!

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