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Mamma mia! Almost famous...
I’ve finally got my first work of art featured on another website – and an Italian one, at that. However, my anti-war wallpaper seems to have been relocated or removed – so if anybody wants to see it, let me know and I’ll email it to you.
What would you call kind of work? Webtivism?


  1. Queenie

    Hey, cool babes. congrateeyoolations on the artwork and USC thingie. keep it up!! Thanks for interesting info on Espl. Advice on food noted. That said, K and I and some others (5 in total) tried Tien Yuan restaurant — ordered s n s pork, dou miao , orange peel duck (ok this was funny one–no peel and no citrus taste. Skip!), crabmeat tofu. all dishes yummy n hi-tech pda wielding waitress. and they were open till 11.30pm.Recommended.

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