Back online

My computer’s been offline for over a week but today I finally had time to sit down and reinstall the home server, so everything’s back to normal.
I also installed the { Opera browser }, the third player in the browser market that’s often been sidelined by the battle between Microsoft … and what’s left of Netscape. True to what I’ve heard, Opera loads really fast – and while the interface is a little gimmicky, it’s highly customisable. And it opens new windows automatically in tabs – which is what Netscape 7 does now (refer to my Web Watch column).
My GRE progress: I’ve finished the Arco book, it’s nothing outstanding. I’m reading through the Princeton Review book right now, and it is so much better. They know exactly what you need to do, and even tell you what you’re going to see when you walk into the exam room. Everything is so well-explained and thorough, I wish I started off with this book. I bought the last copy from Borders a week ago – when I first went to that bookshop a week before that, there was still half a shelf full of them.