Everything but the God

If you’ve noticed, I’ve altered the name of one of my favourite bands, to express what came to my mind – after attending my introductory Alpha course at St George’s church this evening. Nicky Gumble (the guy who started Alpha) is an amazing speaker. He raised this question: do you possess everything good in this world, and still feel empty?
After watching the video, we bowed our heads in prayer after my vicar, Loren Fox (an American), looked at his watch and reminded us of the significance of the moment. I then realised that this was about the time that the two planes crashed into the WTC. A chill went through me as I realised that EXACTLY a year had just gone by.
[So I guess I do have something to write about Sep 11.]
Anyway, my first Alpha course begins next Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up briefly before then to run through the latest developments in the church website with the web team and vicar.


  1. Jia

    Hey i was at an alpha course on Fri too! But we had it at someone’s house close to Mt Elizabeth. The 9/11 moment completely passed us by without us realising it. You’re right about Nicky Gumble being a great speaker. Did you know he’s going to be in S’pore for a conference? Unfortunately I think you have to pay about $100 to hear him because it’s for leaders. darn.

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