Inconsiderate countrymen

Today could have been called ‘Bad Driving Day’. It started when my mother was trying to exit a very crowded Ngee Ann City this afternoon. Just as she reached the exit to the main road, we found that a shiny red open-top Lotus (complete with lofty-looking yuppie chick with short hair and sunglasses) was sitting atop the sacred yellow box. So we couldn’t turn left to get out, and neither could the car on our right, which was trying to turn right.
My mother waved a hapless hand in the direction of the car, but nothing could be done until the lights changed. When that happened, the Lotus zoomed off, turned left on a straight-only lane, cutting into the paths of a few more cars at the next junction then disappeared. The chick’s fancy licence plate number? EX1L. Short for, aXis of EvIL?
Minutes later, we got back onto Orchard Road and were trying to turn into Centrepoint. As we turned left just after the taxi stand, another car sped up from behind us, got onto the opposite lane, horned at the pedestrians walking casually across both lanes, and nipped in front of our car! Once again, the driver pretended not to notice us as he and his wife continued on their slow trudge towards the car park entrance.
My mum didn’t give a hoot because, several metres later, the security guard recognised our car, removed the barricades and let us park on the pavement, right next to the side entrance. It pays to shop with mother.