Pet Shop Toys

The concert was all right I guess. I wasn’t terribly impressed by anything because the Boys are getting old and lethargic. They’ve taken in some new blood (guitarists and a female drummer) but I don’t like their new sound. I’m a fan of the 80’s and 90’s, and so was almost everybody else in the half-filled stadium.
What got me interested was the kind of equipment they were using. Two laptops, one visibly a Powerbook. There were five keyboards in total, three of which were on a rack. The small silver one on top was a KORG Prophecy. The small red one in the middle looked like a Moog, the same one used in the Jamiroquai concert. There was another bigger red keyboard at the bottom deck and it said something-‘electra’. [update: It’s a Nord Electra. ]
Chris Lowe as usual was manning the keyboards while another guy controlled the computers. Neil Tennant was old, balding, slightly paunchy and strummed a guitar which I seldom heard above the din created by the overpowering bass.
Their official website is pretty informative, nonetheless: