How I bought a pair of sunglasses

June 17, 2007 9:46 AM | Comments (9)

I've been planning to go for a LASIK operation. Which also means I've been planning to get a glamorous pair of sunglasses. But I can't choose sunglasses all by myself; I need to bring girlfriends along! One girlfriend had a camera, so I got her to video the entire shopping experience, where you can catch me in various poses, finally in the Tangs changing room where I tried on a red top together with my sunglasses.

If you have trouble viewing this, try viewing the video on its original page.

For the record, Shin invented a new sound for the effect my newly-acquired red Ferragamo sunglasses encrusted with Swarovski crystals would have when I wear them:"Sha-zom!"

They felt the sunglasses gave me more of a 'Xiaxue' look. I never planned to emulate her but was feeling quite sassy yesterday.

And I have no idea why Doris liked videoing me at chest level! Check out the part where she films me for a few seconds while totally denying she's doing it. Ha!

Other funny scenes not captured on video: The Tangs ladies undergarments changing room, where we weren't allowed to take photos. One room had a pole and a lit-up stage. Shin discovered a whip and struck with it several times, while Doris made corresponding yelping sounds. That video would have been a gem.

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That was a few seconds short short short film entitled 'Chest Envy'. For someone with an A or at times AA-cup (sob sob), certainly envious of well endowed chest!! wahahaha! Btw, the video is not downloading, I am accessing your blog from home.

Doris - I've tested it on different computers at home and it works. Try force-refreshing your page (CTRL F5). Alternatively it could be an internet issue?

I guess Doris is right about the video not loading.

I tried viewing and reloading the page on both FireFox and IE but the video doesn't shows up.

Were you using IE? I see what you mean (though I never touch IE myself, ha!). I used only W3C-compliant code, which of course Microsoft has not bothered to recognise in its browser, so the Flash didn't load. So fed up, I used JavaScript instead to display the Flash movie. Hope it works on all browsers now... AND still is compliant.

haha. mark and i watched this together, and we both laughed. you're such a ham.

nice sunnies and i like the red top too.

我的天啊! *lol* You got my attention, and Thomas's too. Worth the 5-min wait (for the clip to buffer).

Love the new sunnies and the vid was so funny! Really captured the wackiness that's Vantan :)

Lookin' good my friend, lookin' good....

Argh no not the xiaxue look! Worked on Firefox btw.

Haha, nice video, and nice sunglasses! Sexy Vaniums.

I have yet to find a pair of sunglasses that look good on me, and Adam always laughs because my nose bridge is um, non-existent, and sunglasses fail to 'sit' as they're meant to.

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