Ordinary People (Mix 1)

April 8, 2007 12:11 AM | Comments (5)

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Having a cough for 3 weeks actually has one advantage - I can record my own renditions of songs with husky vocals!

Since the John Legend song 'Ordinary People' is beautiful AND within my Alto vocal range, I decided to record my own version of it. The piano you hear is actually my Bösendorfer Grand, recorded using the mighty little Micromemo for iPod. There is some hiss but I preferred a real piano for this song.

Vocals were recorded using my usual Shure microphone, channeled via a preamp to my G5 Mac running Logic Pro 7. Editing and mixing were done using Logic too.

Have a listen and tell me what you think. I am not entirely happy with my pitch, and my lung capacity has shrunk so I felt more breathless than normal.

Legend fans may notice that I made the opening line gender-neutral, and also shortened the finale.

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The piano and your vocals sound good. You sound like Carly Simon!!! Overall it sounded great. Unless I listen to it carefully, I couldn't really detect any part which needed improvement. And it helps when you sound like Carly Simon, LOL. Hey, I was so inspired that I did a Mix 2 from your version.

Nicely done, Van!

Hi Van, tried to listen but seems there's "error loading from undefined."

I'm not biased because I LOVE this song but your piano playing is even better than I've imagined and you sing well too! I hope you can play the piano for me one day when I decide to record something with my nasal vocal. Ngice ngone, Van!

that's an awesome rendition! =C)

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