Meeting Linden Lab's CTO

March 23, 2007 12:16 AM | Comments (0)

I met Cory Ondrejka, CTO of Linden Labs, the guys behind Second Life. He was entertaining and frank, although I really had no technical questions to ask, so I just listened on.

The key points from his talk: Linden Labs is serious about getting good people from Singapore to join them. First on the list are developers. The job opening was advertised; several hundred Singaporeans applied, a handful were interviewed and some apparently made the cut.

Cory also talked about project managers and programme managers and acknowledged the efforts of Linden Labs' local partner, the Idea Factory, who hosted this event. Thanks guys.

Some of us also introduced ourselves. Turns out there were a fair number of educators present. The common theme seemed to be that there were lots of ideas, some funding, but not enough developers!

What was most fun to me was getting together again with the rest of the SL Singapore gang and posing for silly photos, which will no doubt appear on Kevin's blog soon. [Update: Check out Kevin's post, with a pic of me 'Editing Appearance' in real life.]

I'll see some of you at Nexus this Saturday, I suppose!

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