HP Compaq nx6320 reviewed

January 23, 2007 7:04 PM | Comments (5)

I think I'm going to like speaking to the HP Alumni this Friday.

It started with my glorious Dell laptop hanging twice yesterday morning at work, while I was in a meeting. Nothing was being downloaded or installed and I wasn't running any heavy-duty programs but my email, web browser and word processor.

Fortunately, I won't have to use the Dell for my presentation anymore. Because HP has kindly loaned me a brand new Compaq nx6320! Thank you HP! Muah! (psst, Apple - do you need me to give a presentation? ;-)

I might as well take the opportunity, in true geek fashion, to review this new toy that's been loaned to me temporarily.

Firstly, I really like HP products. If no Macs existed in this world, my computer would be a HP. If not for the iPhone, my favourite 'smart' phone would be an iPaq.

This is how the laptop looked when it arrived - box and bag.
HP Compaq nx6320 arrives

I slotted the battery in, powered the cables and turned it on. On startup, it ran some HP software. A notice read "Your computer includes a new system recovery feature that does not require CDs or DVDs." Neat! However, recovery discs are still needed for serious system failure or instability.

Screen, keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint reader

The screen is a regular-sized 15", not wide-screen, but for presentation purposes it will do fine. Because of the big screen, this is one of the larger models.

The next feature I really liked was the memory card slot. Yes I'm so deprived. I just like the idea of being able to go to a conference, take photos and upload them straight away without having to attach a clunky card reader to the laptop.

This model also comes with a fingerprint reader. However, as I will only be using this baby until Friday evening, I don't want to make things complicated by locking the computer with my finger. Who knows - the computer could get locked and by some freak accident I may cut my finger, rendering it unrecognisable...?

The next thing I did was to log on to the Internet, and check for HP software updates as well as Windows updates.

The NEXT thing I did ... was to open Internet Explorer, and immediately head to the Mozilla website to download Firefox! Yeah baby!

Overall, as long as the laptop's stable, it will serve its purpose during the presentation.

More reviews at CNet. HP's official specs are here.

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wow!! I love your notebook I'm hoping to get one too soon...


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