Bah. RAM. You.

June 20, 2005 10:21 PM | Comments (6)

I've decided to stave off my perturbing desire for a new iPod, because my PowerMac needs more RAM. To borrow the tone from my previous post on this, "I've decided not to take on another mistress because the children are starving."

It's so exciting that I'm finally using Logic for more serious stuff (apart from making chipmunk sounds).

The thing is, my usual AppleCentre is offering S$599 for 1GB of RAM and a lifetime warranty. That's like buying a brand new iPod! Currently I have 512MB of RAM and I'm thinking I can get by with adding 2X512MB slots. That's 1.5GB of RAM in total. I'll be doing sound productions most of the time, and the occasional home video for family members, e.g. Mother's Day.

Questions for the more experienced Mac gurus out there: Is it more worthwhile going to Sim Lim and buying the RAM instead? And if so, what sort of RAM do I need for a PowerMac G5?

[Update: Thank you so much everyone. This is the first time I've heard of SGL Marketing but I am definitely going to check it out. Just did some Googling and found out exactly how to find the shop. ]

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the RAM you need is the PC-3200 DDR SDRAM as stated here

500+ is a rip-off i think.. check hardware zone price for estimate: has a great 'tool' that will allow you accurately determine the type of memory you system needs.

You're better off buying it from SGL at Sim Lim or any of the other vendors... it's much cheaper. Applecentre is expensive.

haha.. true true. SGL 1gb of ram going at $210. when i heard i was like OMG! haha.

not top of the line ram la, but hey. beats apple centre anyday.

Oops, trigger happy with the iBook RAM suggestion, sorry. Yeah SGL for most other Mac things for me.

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