Shitty day

August 26, 2002 9:59 AM | Comments (1)

This morning's melodrama was a prime example of Murphy's Law.

I woke up this morning by myself, wondering when my alarm clock (actually, the alarm feature in my Nokia 6510) was going to ring. It didn't. Because the damn phone had hung again. I restarted the phone, and checked the time: 8.20 am. Not good.

I went straight upstairs for breakfast, read the article on Dr Baden (see my previous post) in the Straits Times, went to the bathroom, changed my clothes, heard one of my parents drive off ... then realised I didn't have my wallet.

Then I remembered I had left my wallet in my mother's car. Both parents' cars were no longer in the garage. I grabbed my farecard and office pass (which I fortunately don't keep with my wallet) and dashed off to the bus stop.

And the 174 took nearly thirty friggin' minutes to arrive. Alison and I were both waiting at different stops for the same bus, and were starting to worry what with our company's new policy on punctuality. It was already past 9 am. When it finally arrived, the bus was so crowded that I almost had to stand on the steps.

To top it all off, as we approached our destination, another 174 (obviously emptier than our bus) came up from behind and overtook us on the fast lane. Doh!

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welcome to another uber fun-lacked week
any who, vantan + 174 = armagedditon

time tae shift to a new place!

PS: if my comments are too selfish, inane, childish, twisted, incorrigable... then sPANK me ;>

have a good one lass! (whate'er it be)

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