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How to show you’re being ‘strategic’ without actually needing to use that word

Being ‘strategic’ is a good thing – provided that you can also execute your strategy to¬†achieve the outcomes you want. But we may mistakenly believe that labelling the titles of our projects and the work in our appraisals as ‘strategic’… Continue reading →

Pregnancy – heading towards the home stretch

I’ve actually been in pain for the past few days. Being pregnant and in my final trimester has resulted in the accumulation of a number of minor problems – what I’d like to call ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’…. Continue reading →

How I nearly had a facial (but didn’t, because I’m pregnant)

Some time ago, I bought a facial package from a company that was apparently permitted to call me because I was a Citibank customer. While they were a bit pushy, I liked their treatment so I decided to purchase 10… Continue reading →

On Lee Kuan Yew

There are so many articles, eulogies, blog posts and even tweets about the passing of the great man, that I was almost turned off from writing anything, as it would have just been seen as another brick in the wall…. Continue reading →

Going old school

Like some¬†others, I’ve experienced a tech reversal of sorts. Instead of buying all my books via Kindle (which still is rather convenient), I have found myself enjoying print books more. Print allows me to feel more engaged on each page…. Continue reading →

Give more of our youth a sporting chance

Nominated MP Dr Ben Tan, a former sportsman and gold medallist in sailing, recently opined about a widening gap in the attitudes of Singaporeans and Westerners about sports. In Singapore, we seem to take things to extremes. Parents ask doctors… Continue reading →

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