Past the 1 year mark...

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It’s amazing how time flies when you’ve got a job and hit the ground running soon after graduation.

People ask me how I’m doing, 1 year after graduation. As always, being perfectionist and still psyched up about the career potential of INSEAD MBAs (ahem), I’d say things could be better, but they could also be much, much worse. Exposure is becoming more international, and I’m learning from frequent interactions with top management.

The biggest change for me so far is the way of thinking - from originally being at the tail end of marketing (where almost everything else has been thought through already and you just focus on being a good, tactical mouthpiece) to being the think tank, the core of every important thing that’s going on - or so we’d like to think.

Still, there are many more things I can do, that I want to do, but haven’t yet attained. We shall see how things pan out.

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