A super busy status update on life after INSEAD

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I have been rather busy (doing the work of 2 managers, leading a team of 17 relatives for a big family event, launching a big, international Tender, preparing an academic paper). Soon I will be flying to Hong Kong and then the UK for a reunion trip.

So, what have I been doing, INSEAD-wise?

I have been meeting up with my boyfriend (INSEAD Alum 06) and, every now and then, his very nice classmates, over a nice dinner party or drinks. I met up with my own classmates a number of times but have had to pass on the most recent ones - too many things happening concurrently!

As an alumna, I have also received invitations to attend various leadership talks, a couple of which I’ve attended so far. I maintain relations with the Singapore library (with the occasional email query or borrowed book), am still in touch with folks from the Career Services (met up with a senior manager, DY, who came over briefly from Fonty), and have added a few more classmates to our Singapore July 09 mailing list as they’ve moved here to work.

And I’ve only just realised my contact form has somehow gone kaput. This is weird because I obviously haven’t touched any code on my blogs in what feels like years. Anyway, I pasted in some new code and voila, people can write to me again. I was impressed with the resourcefulness of one INSEAD applicant who, last week, managed to track down my email address and contacted me there instead, after noticing that my form failed. She’d get bonus points for resourcefulness, if I were on the admissions committee!

However, I have been so busy that I’ve had to prioritise my office work, career development, family matters before I answer queries from people I haven’t met in person. So please be patient with me and if you must remind me, do so gently :)

Also, I am not obliged to reply to all queries, so do keep your emails succinct and do as much research as you can before asking me questions about INSEAD.

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