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Tangs in Second Life?

December 18, 2008 10:54 AM

Impression of Tangs in Second Life

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Yesterday I received a call from a Straits Times journalist who told me briefly about Tang’s plans to launch a virtual store in Second Life, and asked for my thoughts on this. I learnt that homegrown company First Meta was behind this initiative. I applaud them for being proactive in generating interest in Second Life, and Tangs for daring to explore a medium that is newer than the Internet and hasn’t become mainstream yet.

The questions that came to my mind were:

Why now? Interest in Second Life probably reached its zenith one or two years ago. The friends I used to meet regularly are no longer on Second Life. We’ve gone back to browser-based or simpler chat platforms. Tangs already appeals to its customer base via traditional media, partnerships with real-life credit cards. And it already has a website. Singaporeans are much more likely to visit Tangs because of their traditional media advertising, than through Second Life. Then again, better late than never I suppose, if you want to explore a new channel.

Is it to make money? If that’s the purpose, I don’t think it will be sustainable. You don’t sell virtual dresses for very much money, and there are lots of other stores in Second Life to compete with. However I was told the virtual store was to be used for branding purposes. As a Second Life fan my impression of Tangs could go up a little because I like innovative and adventurous companies. However I’m already pretty favourable towards Tangs as I’ve been a member for years, and I was planning a visit before Christmas anyway, with or without a virtual store.

How can it be sustainable? I was told the virtual goods would only come from the women’s department, and that there’d be new designs added (but how regularly?). It would be interesting to see if there’s anything I’d be willing to spend my load of Linden$ on. However, my avatar already has a lot of clothes and accessories, many of which were given for free, so there’s a lot of inertia for me to buy anything new. Nothing goes out of fashion so much in Second Life as in real life, because you can be as quirky and retro as you want to be.

Doing a funnel analysis:

How many active users are there in Second Life today?

Of those, how many are Singaporeans, Malaysians, tourists or expats who’ve known of Tangs / have visited it before?

Of those, how many know of the forthcoming Tangs virtual store?

Of those, how many will visit the virtual store?

Of those, how many will gain a better impression of Tangs? (if that is the objective)

Thanks anyway to CHH for the prominent quote.

Excerpts to give you more info on what’s happening:

When the virtual Tangs opens in March next year, visitors will be able to buy clothes, hairdos and different looks for their characters, said Tangs assistant vice-president of marketing and communications Lin Pei Hua.

Shoppers can expect to see items from Tangs’ ‘signature lines…but with a tinge of fantasy’, in line with players’ desire for a ‘larger-than-life’ appearance for their online personas.

Users can pay for their purchases in Linden dollars, the game’s currency, or via a virtual credit card. Credit card bills are paid monthly in Linden dollars, which can be converted into real money.

More floors, ‘stocked with usable and desirable items by well-known Second Life designers’, will be added over time, said First Meta co-founder Aileen Sim.

First Meta, which operates Second Life’s credit card system, is helping Tangs to create the store and find tenants.

My quote:


‘I visited Adidas and Dell in Second Life, those were big budget, well- made stores, but I did everything I wanted to do there on my first visit. The second time I went back, nothing had changed, and I haven’t gone back since. This (sustainability) will be Tangs’ challenge - give me a reason to go back and spend.’

Second Life user Vanessa Tan

INSEAD in Second Life

May 20, 2008 1:30 AM

I paid a visit to INSEAD in Second Life. It is cool that my business school has a campus there and is using it for real lessons. This is because we are an international school, with campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore), with alliances in China (Tsinghua) and a centre in Abu Dhabi, along with the exchange programme in the US (Wharton). Thus, classes and projects may be conducted in different continents. Second Life is a great medium to facilitate such collaborations.

Unlike my previous attempt last year to visit the Campus, my Avatar didn’t bounce off an invisible wall. This time I managed to join the INSEAD group and accessed the entire island without a hitch. Here are some of the better photos:

INSEAD in Second Life_024 The main classroom.

INSEAD in Second Life_027 Sitting on a carpet, hovering above the beach.

I had an intelligible conversation with the INSEAD chatbot, which I mistook for a real Avatar initially! He managed to understand that I was going to INSEAD, and congratulated me. See our dialogue at the bottom left corner:

INSEAD in Second Life_017

What a pretty discussion area! This was in the lush garden outside the building.

INSEAD in Second Life_013

Last but not least (except in terms of the amount of clothes), check out my INSEAD bikini! You can windsurf, surf, float, tread water, lounge about on deckchairs… now if only we had a Mediterranean island all to ourselves! (I say it’s Mediterranean because the waters are so blue)

Check out my INSEAD bikini!

As mentioned earlier, I was stuck in Second Life limbo after cancelling my credit card details as I didn’t want to continue being a premium member. However they locked me out of Second Life entirely, saying I had to pay them the renewal fee, which I had opted to pay annually.

I couldn’t even downgrade my account until I entered my card details which would result in an automatic payment - which I didn’t want!

So I wrote in. I have to commend Linden Labs for the quick reply to my query, but this situation sounds silly. Read this (I have [deleted] some parts due to privacy issues):

Hello Vantan,

Thankyou for contacting Linden Lab support regarding the issue of wanting to downgrade your account.

I will be able to help you downgrade your account to a basic account but this is not going prevent you having to pay the your annual fee.

Due to our policy, you will still have to pay the $72 because you did not cancel premium membership before your account fees were due.

I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience but it is company policy.

[Security verification questions deleted]

If you can provide me with the above information then I can downgrade your account for you.

If you have any further questions you can contact myself or one of my colleagues.

Regards, [name deleted] Linden Lab support

So this is a warning to the rest of you on paid accounts who are also thinking of downgrading to Basic membership - remember to downgrade your account before cancelling your credit card details!

At this rate I might as well renew my membership for one year! What the heck. I’ll just get lots of Linden pocket money.

SL account disabled!

November 8, 2007 10:40 PM

I just tried logging into Second Life, after a hiatus due to laptop problems and being too busy… only to be told that my account has been disabled! Grr.

Second Life account disabled

What happened: After joining Second Life, I upgraded to a paid account (annual fee US$72) as I wanted to get Linden pocket money and toyed with the idea of buying my own piece of land. I never had the time nor inclination to learn about advanced building, so that didn’t happen. The novelty’s worn off. So I cancelled my credit card details to avoid being charged again this year. However, Linden Labs tried to charge me. As they no longer had my credit card details, they put US$72 on my tab, suspending my account until I pay up!

I logged on to to fix things. I realised I should have asked for a downgrade rather than just deleting my credit card details - but I thought either way it would’ve worked. But now when I click the ‘Downgrade my account’ link, I get pointed back to the page that says my account is disabled and I must enter my credit card info. When I proceed, I am told that entering my credit card info will lead to a transaction payment. It comes full circle. Bah!

I just sent a note to the Support department. I hope they’ll help me out, even though I’ll no longer be a paying customer. If they can’t fix it and I have to pay, it will leave a sour taste in my virtual and real mouth and rest assured you’ll all get to hear about it!

I'll be There

August 19, 2007 1:44 AM

Tried out another virtual world just now -

It felt easier to install than Second Life, and there didn’t seem to be as great a lag either.

However the target audience is teens, and very obviously so. If you like the way the Sims look, you may like There. However, if you already play the Sims Online, why would you move over to There?

Also, the graphics are cheerful, but not that hot. I guess there must be a payoff. If you want things to load fast, don’t expect beautiful rendering. Overall I still like Second Life more, even though the user interface is much more intimidating. gave me the impression that things were under simplified and under control.

While it’s free to be There, there’s also premium membership at the rate of US$9.95 per month. Would the target audience be willing to fork out that amount? I can imagine they’d rather spend it on an iTunes album, if they’re not downloading stuff illegally.

I’m also curious as to how many Singaporean youngsters are aware of There. I know some are in Second Life but most probably prefer MMORPG like DOTA. That’s what my boy cousins are raving about whenever they meet.

Maybe’s CEO can tell me more when I meet him at State of Play today.

ps. I don’t like how we have to use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox to access services.

State of Play - people to meet

August 14, 2007 1:31 AM

Just to keep track of the buzz building up ahead of State of Play, these are the people I'd like to meet / am scheduled to meet:

Joshua Fouts, Director of the Center for Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California. View his State of Play profile. I visited USC in Second Life last year and thought it was cool. Now I get to meet one of the people behind it - even cooler. Thanks Wilson for the linkup!

Michael Wilson, CEO of Makena Technologies/, a virtual world for teens. Right up my alley, that combination of virtual worlds and youth, though I'm primarily a Second Lifer. If there are any questions you'd like me to ask, send them to me via a comment or if you want more privacy, the Contact me page.

Iam Lamont, colleague of Sarah, a fellow Tan whom I met at SXSW 2007. He too will be speaking at the conference. See profile page.

Ted Tagami, VP of Millionsofus. If you're an active Second Lifer you most probably have heard of these guys, because they organise pretty happening virtual events. We somehow got onto each other's Twitter radar during SXSW 2007 but have not met in person yet. He just dropped me a note via Facebook to let me know he's speaking at this conference. Here's his profile page.

Awesome. If you're going to State of Play, either as a speaker or an attendee, do drop me a note. I'd love to meet up with you in Real Life.

My HP Alumni talk

January 26, 2007 11:52 PM

[Update: Hurrah, one student has blogged about the talk!]

I gave the presentation this evening. Murphy's Law threatened to cause a few surprises, but all was well in the end!

I started with a cover of Time Magazine's person of the year 2006 - "You". I talked about how new media technologies have empowered people to such an extent that traditional barriers are being broken down.

Then I asked the question, can anyone be too old to blog? (That was because an Alumni member reportedly said he wasn't interested in my talk as he was too old to blog.) I said to the contrary - 'older' people have more knowledge and experience to share. The Yesterday.SG museum blog has older bloggers who are prolific. I forgot to mention how an 80-year old man called my office line one day, asking me how to start a blog. That was one of the most amazing things I've heard.

I told them how my blog enabled me to reach out to people across the world. Book reviews I'd written, were read by the authors themselves. I told the story of how Stephen Williams, author of How To Be President, wrote in to me after reading my review on this book. Later on, a Czech publisher wrote to me, asking to be put in touch with him as he wanted to translate his book into the Czech language. I put them in touch. This story seemed go down well with the audience.

I elaborated on certain technologies such as news feeds and mashups, as well as trends like crowdsourcing. I showed them local mashup, Bookjetty. The finale was Second Life. I took the audience through Virtual Hallucinations, since I was able to play through the lecture hall's speakers (see my previous review). We could hear the haunting voices telling my Avatar, "You're not good enough... you don't deserve to live". The audience saw the floor disappearing in front of my Avatar as she tried to walk down a corridor. I told them this was so much more effective than a textbook description on schizophrenia.

A number of schools were invited as well. RGS students took up a few rows, and being RGS girls they asked intelligent questions at the end of the talk, which I was thankfully able to answer.

I was really glad that my CEO and my former boss were able to attend the talk. While the turnout was much smaller than I initially thought, the majority of the audience participated in it by asking questions. In fact the Q&A session was much longer than I expected. Which was a good sign.

One concerned parent asked how children could be prevented from reading objectionable blogs which contained inaccurate or slanderous information. I told her that one way was to monitor every single blog in Singapore, but that would not be feasible. Besides, everyone has the right to have his say. It also takes too much effort to correct every inaccurate post. The best solution, I argued, would be to train our own children to be discerning, so that if they come across a blog with dubious content, they would be able to realise it themselves.

One older man asked if it was feasible to set up a blog for his group cycling activities. I asked for more details about the blog. As the group uses different cycling routes and also take photos during each trip, I said it sounded like the blog could be sustained with fresh content.

An even better sign was the number of people coming to talk to me after the official Q&A session. I had parents asking me for advice on dealing with their children who seemed to be glued to their computers, and schoolgirls asking me about future trends.

One mother said her son played online games (presumably Warcraft) and had so many friends in his online chat list that he wasn't studying hard enough. I told her that it was good her son had so many friends. In fact that morning I had attended a Yahoo! youth survey presentation which confirmed that youths could have as many as 100 or more chat contacts - and this was normal. So I told the mother that her son was normal and having lots of friends would provide him with emotional support.

I added that the ability to make many friends (presumably good ones) is a valuable life skill that he can carry on through his life and career. It would certainly get him farther than someone who studied or worked all day and did not have any friends. She left, looking satisfied and less unhappy with her son.

Next, I spoke to different RGS girls.

The first girl asked me if I thought print media was going to disappear, in say, 20 years' time. I said that print media will always be around. In my own presentation earlier, I had stated that new media will complement and not necessarily replace traditional media. Perhaps in time, print media's role may be diminished slightly further. But as long as there are people who prefer reading paper instead of on-screen content, there will always be print. I asked her if she expected to see books disappearing off the shelves in 20 years' time. She said no. I said, well, likewise with other print media. That seemed to satisfy her.

The next girl asked me why I didn't become a lawyer, so I told her the full story. She asked me, "But am I happy with what I'm doing now?" I said yes wholeheartedly and that seemed to make her happy as well. I told her, you are bright girls and you can probably do anything you want. So, make sure you choose a path that you really like. The girl left with a smile on her face, like I had confirmed something she was also thinking of.

Another girl told us she'd like us to go into Podcasting. I told her we already had podcasts but maybe she could listen to ours and tell us how to improve them. Not surprisingly, she preferred podcasts that had two or three-person dialogues in them, not one-way messages. (We have been planning to amend our scripts so they'd have dialogues in them, so this kind of confirmed it.) She said was going to produce her own podcasts with friends, so I asked her to drop me a line when that happened so I can also find out what youths want. Who knows, maybe we can all collaborate together one day ;-)

One SJI/ACJC boy is going to install Second Life and ditch The Sims. I'm hoping more students in Singapore try it out and do great things with it. (And if the young gentleman in question is reading this post, do drop a note to say hi!)

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Second Life makeover

January 19, 2007 2:03 AM

I decided to pop by Second Life a couple nights ago before my bedtime. One of my virtual friends was online as well. She messaged me, we teleported to meet each other, and she took me shopping in Second Life!

Some of you know that I hate shopping, unless it's related to gadgets, books and music. I dislike shopping for clothes. Also, I don't believe in colouring my hair (in real life).

However, after viewing a gazillion possible new hairstyles and colours, and going to another huge virtual store that sold lots of trendy clothes, I succumbed and gave my Avatar a makeover.

The old me:
Parading about in the Consumer Health Information library

The new me:

So I'm like, officially blonde now. Forgive me if I start behaving differently. Ooh! And I coloured my nails too.

I'm contemplating buying an Asian skin that matches my own complexion, as well as darker hair. Then I can make my Avatar look like the real me. But the skin I wanted was over L$2000 which will eat into my virtual savings. I'm told there are cheaper skins around, so I will hang on to my Linden dollars and keep on looking.

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IBM tour of virtual Australian Open

January 15, 2007 11:39 PM

Kelly from IBM Australia read my recent blog post on IBM doing exciting things with the Australian Open, by building a virtual Rod Laver Arena and feeding ball data to it in real time. She offered to take me on a tour of her project (the Arena is currently open to invited guests only).

Well, I couldn't have asked for more! Just to be safe, I checked if I could blog about this and post photos. I promised to behave myself ;-) Anyway, in the next few days more mainstream media will be covering this, as well as other bloggers. For now, this is a semi-exclusive on!

IBM_AusOpen_001 At an agreed time, I logged into Second Life and got in touch with K. She was most patient as she waited for everything to rezz (Second Life speak for loading all 3D objects) on my network. Finally, when I could see the buildings, walls, pavements and signposts, she began the tour.

IBM_AusOpen_003I picked up some freebies at the shop - tennis racket, balls, ball holder, an Australian Open t-shirt which I wore immediately, and a 'Tennis Ball Pet' who can follow me everywhere I go. He's cute and later on in my photos you'll see him tagging along behind me. He's much more endearing than the Microsoft paper clip.

IBM_AusOpen_008 I entered the Arena and made my Avatar play scripted tennis with Kelly's partner and team-mate, Chris. Imagine during the actual Australian Open (as IBM had done previously with Wimbledon) - if you can actually see the game through the eyes of your favourite tennis player!

Speaking of which, here is a video taken by someone else who was also playing virtual tennis.

IBM_AusOpen_012 After a never-ending game of tennis, I was taken up to the roof top. You can either fly right through it, or shout Open Sesame! Close Sesame! The roof listens to your commands and it is a nice touch.

IBM_AusOpen_026We visited other areas but not every section of the real Arena has been built yet. The giant scoreboard will be updated in real time, just like how the scores are instantly updated on TV. However, I commented that most people would rather watch the live matches on TV. This kind of feature would attract those who want to get more in-depth analysis of certain matches or players.

IBM_AusOpen_018 This area was designed to look like a giant tennis ball. Nice, eh? See the difference when you get a personal virtual tour guide who actually developed the place. All these nice little touches you may not have noticed if you explored things on your own. I managed to watch the video but again, experienced lag time initially.

IBM_AusOpen_035 Finally, I learnt that these statues were created by a newbie. Here's a shot of me with my Tennis Ball Pet. Alas, after this I exited Second Life, forgetting to take my Pet. It sent me a few desperate-sounding messages, which were converted into emails since I was offline by then. Finally, it said that as I had not rescued it, it would self-destruct. Its last words to me were 'Goodbye cruel world'. I feel so bad about it! I just have no ball sense... I am not good at carrying balls... I was not on the ball... Oh, forget it.

I wish IBM all the best in their Second Life developments. So far I feel there is a certain depth to their involvement with this virtual world; even as a preview it was bug-free and everything looked like a replica of the original stadium.

Points to note from this tour:

Good publicity can be started by a few pro-active employees. These employees can be empowered by being allowed to talk to people and tell personal anecdotes about how they developed their project, thus enhancing the (potential) customer experience.

A progressive blogging policy lets employees, who are in a sense company evangelists, promote projects and convey the genuine enthusiasm and expertise that is often lost in a press release or annual report. But first, you must have employees who have that enthusiasm and also the knowledge and maturity to do the right thing when communicating to members of the public, the press and customers.

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Autodesk comes to Second Life

December 12, 2006 12:07 AM

This is a (rich) builder's dream come true: Autodesk has come to Second Life! The 3D design software company has an island for real-life attendees of Autodesk University.

I kind of tried Autocad as a student many years ago and managed to conjure up some feeble-looking shape. Ironically, I've progressed much further in Second Life - which isn't saying much, considering all I've built is furniture and Mr Blue here has been building guitars by the gallon.

It is a progressive move by Autodesk. However, what I did not like was that Autodesk Island is not open to the general public, just like IBM. It was impossible to locate using the search function in Second Life, and I couldn't find the 'Autodesk University' group either, as described in their blog post.

I guess they want to let only registered Autodesk users in first, and maybe in time, when they're comfortable enough they'll open it up to the rest of us. Then Second Life won't be just an instructional medium but also a marketing tool. Think about it - this would let us learn about what the software can build in Second Life. We can't do any harm in there... I promise! Everything would be PRIM and proper, though I suspect there may be an overload. Heh heh.

Note: I am not really sure whether you can export your models into Second Life. That would be so cool. However, architectural firms could use Second Life to let clients preview what their buildings may look like. Heck, you can even chat to your client in another country when you're in Second Life. Just imagine...

Client: (walks up the stairs) The staircase is a bit too narrow. My Avatar's the same height as me.

Architect: OK, noted. (places an object on the stairs to remind him that it needs to be amended)

Client: And the bathroom ... I don't like the colour. And the tiles.

Architect: OK, how about this or this instead? (swaps textures) Your interior designer told me he has these materials in RL. We scanned them in so it should look pretty much the same.

Client: Yes, that's better. Moving on to the bedroom...

Other Autodesk sites and blogs by architects: Virtual Suburbia blog, ArchSL which has a machinima podcast about the topic (now how abstract is that?!).

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Got this post via Kevin.

I'd like to add a few more. You know you're spending too much time in Second Life when:

  1. You feel you're actually NOT spending enough time in Second Life
  2. You start to believe that the world is really filled with beautiful people
  3. You start calling other Second Life players by their Second Life names (I do that!)
  4. It's OK to skip dinner in real life, because your Avatar just consumed a load of cheese, champagne and oysters
  5. You lapse into acronyms and expect others to understand when you say 'RL' and 'SL'
  6. You wish you could just teleport yourself from one meeting to another, thus saving yourself minutes of valuable time
  7. You wish that you could burn your own calories by making your Avatar dance or run all night
  8. You start writing posts like this.

Any more to add? Post a comment.

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IBM in Second Life

November 14, 2006 9:21 PM

Ivan noted a Business Times report (IBM accelerates push into 3D virtual worlds, 13 Nov 2006) on how IBM is making use of Second Life to conduct business meetings. IBM's CEO is making a visit to this virtual world today, in fact. Of course this was already reported a couple weeks earlier on Reuters' Secondlife blog. But I am glad to see that a respected local newspaper bothered to write about it.

IBM has a blog, Eightbar, which keeps track of everything they're doing in Second Life. Very cool.

Hmm, let me pop over to IBM land and see if I can see anything going on!


My Avatar-spy tells me that this 14 November meeting could be held in a SL location called 'Beijing Townhall'. Unfortunately, I could not join this guest list.

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US politics in Second Life

November 9, 2006 10:30 PM

I was happy to hear about the shift in the powerbase in the ol' US of A recently. Logged into Second Life just now and was informed that there was a virtual discussion group on the topic. Since they asked for publicity, here it is:


RootsCamps are 2006 post-election debriefs. The progressive community — everyone from the "netroots" to precinct captains to field organizers to national message consultants — is invited to come together to hash out what we learned in 2006 and how to apply those lessons going forward. Sign up or Learn more.

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Singapore Second Life meetup

October 30, 2006 1:18 AM

Singaporean SL Group photo

We had our first SL Singapore meetup at 9pm last night. We took a group photo. Then Ivan, Kevin, Preetam, Alvin and I started talking geek, and the younger members slipped away. We moved to Chilin's Yacht. Thanks to Chilin for being such a tolerant hostess as we messed up the place with furniture, booze and weapons!

It's morning - breakfast time! We talked through SL evening to dusk. Then I made breakfast, and watched Ivan and Kevin engage in a Star Wars lightsaber battle.

In other SL news, I decided to sign up for a premium account while the L$400 monthly allowance still holds. Now shopping around for land. Like a real Singaporean - looking for condominiums!

Learning environments in Second Life

October 29, 2006 1:28 AM

I have been visiting various campuses in Second Life to learn how visitors can be engaged and learn new things using this medium.

Ais and I admire the planets - say a date and they move Worthy of mention is the Second Life Planetarium (Slurl:Second Life Planetarium) where you can view the constellations moving around you, with a guided voice tour. It felt like I was in an IMAX theatre all over again. Further up was the International Spaceflight Museum (Slurl: Spaceport Alpha), where I got up close and personal with a whole arsenal of rockets. Even cooler was the 3D moving planets. Just speak out a date (like your birthday) and the planets will move into position.

I experience first-hand what a schizophrenia patient goes throughAnother immersive but much creepier experience awaited me at Virtual Hallucinations (Slurl: Virtual Hallucinations) where you are treated exactly like a patient with schizophrenia. You hear voices which say nasty things to you, and you see things differently from normal people. After a while I had to turn off the virtual voices because it was just too unnerving, like watching the Sixth Sense all over again. It certainly is an eye-opener especially if you thought all along that schizophrenia simply means having 'split personalities'.

Reuters I visited Reuters (Slurl:Reuters Atrium). In real life, they have a Second Life News Center website and it is amusing to see how they keep track of the currency exchange rates between Linden Dollars and US Dollars. There is a goldmine of information on big businesses joining Second Life.

BTW, the links I've provided will only work if you have Second Life installed on your system.

What other Second Life places have you enjoyed visiting? Have you learnt anything new? Do share your experiences by posting a comment or trackback.

[Update: 5 Dec 2006 - The Sydney Morning Herald reviews Virtual Hallucinations]

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This morning, a gunman shot at me

October 28, 2006 3:46 PM

Early this morning while sitting in a cafe, chatting to Ramblinglibrarian and some new friends, a man appeared out of nowhere. He took out a gun and fired it in my directon.

I didn't realise what was happening until I saw sparks flying around me. I realised I might have been hit. Almost as quickly, one of the members of the cafe came to my defence and drove him off.

Fortunately, I wasn't hurt. This is because it all happened in Second Life. (no, not Half-Life, which is what that jerk should be playing if he really wants to shoot people)

As in the real world, rules or guidelines are drawn up to ensure public order, but they sometimes get broken. While experiencing my first ugly encounter in Second Life, I was glad to see some redemption through the kind and decisive acts of another Second Lifer who had the authority to boot the gunman off the island.

I'm not really scared, because you can't die in Second Life. Most people I've met so far are nice, or at least curious about this new world. I've met people from the US (of course), UK, Mexico, Greece and probably more I've lost track of. This normally doesn't happen on mainstream chat channels like MSN where you just stick to your regular list of friends and family. We Second Lifers are also bound together through interest groups.

There will be a Singapore meetup tomorrow evening. If you are already in Second Life, join the SL Singapore group! I'll try to make it for the meetup myself.

Infinite loop

October 18, 2006 2:05 AM

This dude did something awesome with his Second Life house.

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Second Life

October 15, 2006 11:37 PM

Managed to sit on my bum after 2 hours of family choir rehearsals (I skipped the ballroom and salsa dance practice because of the swift movements required).

Yesterday I created my Second Life account and looked for Kevin and Ivan online. Met Alvin as well. Yay, our own little Singaporean community in Second Life.  Look out for my screen shots in Flickr. I already paid a visit to the library. It is cool, how you can search for millions of real books in here. There is a lot of potential for development here.

You can look out for me - I am Vantan Gray. Yeah, like I'm related to Jean.

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