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Ich bin ein Berliner

June 10, 2008 5:40 AM

“I am a Berliner.” That was President Kennedy’s famous line.

Well, today I finally got to see what’s left of the Berlin Wall. I was a kid when it was knocked down, but it was a world event I was aware of.

P1040883.JPGP1040879.JPG Looks like German Romeo and Juliet (East and West) to me P1040881.JPG

Reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, while probably symbolising the yearning of the east and the west to meet once again.

Berlin wall remains - with BMW car rim

This is the remains of the wall. I purposely took it like this, with the rim of a BMW car driving over it - showing how there’s been prosperity and progress since the wall was torn down.

Checkpoint Charlie Made it to Checkpoint Charlie with guard actors who were hilarious. Another guard pretended to check other tourists’ passports and declare them invalid.

As I explored the vicinity, I wondered how many people died trying to get to the other side. How times have changed. We should be thankful for it.

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