Weird and wacky

MacBook Air = chick magnet

Yesterday evening, [Walter](, [Ivan](, [Lucian]( and I met for dinner and drinks at [Brussels Sprouts](, a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while. In the midst of our conversations, I whipped out my iPhone and demonstrated all the things I could do with it, like taking photos, checking emails, strumming a guitar and …

Project Virgle

This has to be one of the most high-profile April Fool’s messages ever! Richard Branson and the Google founders team up to pull a fast one on us – complete with 2 YouTube videos and a [microsite](! Anybody wants to live on Mars? Perhaps all we’ll get is a chocolate bar.

Tagged! List of 3s

Monoceros tagged me, so here goes. 3 things that scare me: Losing my hands Marrying someone then realising I made a mistake I can handle just about anything else, with God’s help 3 people who make me laugh: (I’m going to keep this to personal friends) Ditzyspice, my old desk partner-in-crime Simran, glamour queen Kim, …