Announcing my INSEAD blog

Yes, I have started my own INSEAD blog. It will chronicle my life before, during and hopefully after my MBA. You can find it at [](
[Zanat0s](, fabled Greek INSEAD blogger, had lamented in our Facebook group as to why my batch had yet to produce one MBA blog…
Well, at the time my plans weren’t officially made known at work, so how could I announce my INSEAD blog until now? 😛
I will try to split myself between this blog, the new blog and a few other blogs. I think I may just end up updating the first two! Of course I want to tweak my blogs and add more features but have no time so will just add new content for now.
Another classmate asked how anyone could possibly upkeep a blog while doing our MBA. Firstly, to me, sitting down and blogging is not difficult provided I have something interesting to say. Of course I anticipate there will be busy days, even weeks, but there should be updates.
You only do your MBA once in your life (even if many of my classmates have more than 1 degree already – swots! :P). So why not chronicle it and also be a spokesperson for your school, and inspire prospective students?


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