Testing revamped look

Just testing. I discovered a magic button in Movable Type 4 that can wipe out all my old templates (which have accumulated over the years like tartar on teeth).
Please bear with any strange, inconsistent visuals because I have a few thousand web pages to re-publish.


  1. vantan

    You’re using WordPress now, right? Sorry, no go for me 🙂 I can barely figure out the new MT!
    And if I did try redesigning your site I’d probably cover it with pictures of Alexander.

  2. kristen

    that sounds perfect, since when/if i do get around to redesigning, i’m sure it will indeed be covered in pictures of Alexander.

  3. vantan

    Kristen – Ha! That’s true.
    BTW you are the first person to be marked as ‘trusted’ on my site 🙂 I assume you signed in with a Typekey account or something similar?
    Apparently I can even upload an Avatar/photo for each of my ‘trusted’ users. However that will be too manual in the long run.

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