Month: July 2003

Log for the day

Gallery of cool pics taken by the Sony Ericsson t610. Over 10,000 Germans join community to translate the latest Harry Potter book. Jupiter Research has a paper on how clients’ content management needs can be analysed better via the use of weblog software. Now we’re talkin’!

Customer relations

[written while blog was being revamped] So, I tried to purchase a Jazz Fake Book at Borders yesterday night. My jazz piano teacher told me it was available there. Someone ought to tell the Borders staff that. The first employee I approached, gave me an incredulous stare, and made me repeat the title a few …

Improve thyself

I’m thinking of getting proper IT certification, in line with my new job title. There’s only so much I can learn on my own. While my role now requires more ‘overseeing’ than simply ‘doing’, it would certainly increase efficiency and productivity at work. I’ll be doing some research on my own, but if anyone knows …