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I've got the iPad...

April 12, 2010 1:41 AM | Comments (0)

… and I can’t take my hands off it!

It arrived last Friday, and I’m getting addicted to it. So much that I didn’t even bother to Tweet it, or Facebook it or upload any photos to Flickr - until now.

I managed to install lots of iPad apps and am still testing things out. Will write a more in-depth report later, hopefully from a different angle compared to all the general iPad reviews out there.

But so far, it’s been working pretty well. Nice job, Apple. (Or should that be ‘Nice Apple, Jobs’?)

The Wall Street Journal investigates a plethora of possible mockups and rumours.

Funky black file

Bought this at the cool stationery shop at Orchard Central. I like the envelope, which can hold scraps of paper.

Black hole puncher

Designer hole puncher, bought at the same shop.

Black cotton buds

Black cotton buds.

Black Casio watch

An old black Casio watch which tells me the positions of the planets.

Black and silver cooling dock

Black laptop cooling dock.

The rules of EQ

A little black book.

Miles Davis

My most inspirational black musician. (We share the same birthday)

And finally, my favourite black thing:

Black piano

My black Bösendorfer grand piano, which has given me many years of happiness.

My latest toy: Eye-Fi

July 26, 2009 11:40 PM | Comments (0)

Darling R bought me a new toy, a wireless SD card that automatically uploads photos to a photo and video-sharing website of your choice.


A happy distraction for me, in an otherwise uncertain month.

I was invited to the launch of the new HP Pavilion dv2 Series Entertainment Notebook PC at Supperclub. Make that two notebooks actually, one in black and one in white. Which do you prefer?

White model


Black model


Backlit keyboard closeup

Backlit keyboard.

External DVD reader/writer

Separate Blu-Ray DVD recorder - just like the MacBook Air.

Lots of cool HP software. You can now write Chinese characters and some other Asian scripts and manage your media files, wherever they’re stored. I feel that because Apple included its iLife software with its operating system, it raised the bar and Microsoft took a while to fill the gap.

HP's answer to iPhoto?

You can also manage your photos. Looks like HP’s answer to Apple’s iPhoto.

More details on the website.

As a business student who’s learnt some things about customer segmentation, I’d like to see if more girls buy the white model and more guys buy the black model. Of course, the hardcore guy gamers will want a more powerful notebook.

I actually think this will be popular among female students, because it is slim, not too heavy, and parents won’t complain about the extremely affordable price. Especially in difficult economic times like this.

Can you guess how much this costs? (don’t peek… scroll down if you want the answer)

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