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Follow, unfollow

October 21, 2009 12:51 AM | Comments (0)

I’ve been on Twitter long enough (980 days) to notice a trend in how people are followed and unfollowed. At a superficial level, there are plenty of relatively new Twitterers who seek popularity by following lots of people, in the hope that these people will reciprocate.

In most cases, this tactic works. Because most people on Twitter are ordinary folk, and it’s polite to return the favour.

The less Twitter-savvy observers may think that those people have always been very popular. But you should look at the number of people they follow in the first place.

A profile with many followers that follows few people: Usually a celebrity or famous businessperson or author who follows only his/her own clique.

A profile that follows many people but has very few followers: Possibly spam. Or it may be another of those self-promoting marketers who are trying to get onto everyone else’s Follow list.

What I don’t advocate is following people just for the sake of looking good. Twitter isn’t just about showing how many people in the world like following you; it gives you a platform to engage other people in a succinct way. It provides the opportunity to have a conversation that can be directed at someone, yet be accessible by everyone else. And, unlike a blog feed that people subscribe to, you can put names and faces to the people who follow you on Twitter. In short, Twitter can make your world smaller but friendlier.

So my advice for Twitter is: Don’t just follow. Lead.

Abuse of my email address!

December 10, 2008 1:14 PM | Comments (0)

I logged in to Gmail this morning to discover that a large number of bounced emails from email addresses I don’t know, in response to an email that I never sent.

It was a fake AdWords email asking these strangers to click on links to modify their AdWords account details. But when you hover over the links, they point to a different website!

So is this one step worse than the original phishing? This time, someone ELSE’s email address (i.e. mine) is being used. Someone even replied to me to ask what’s going on as he never had an AdWords account. I even received an autoresponder from a British MP!!! This is getting out of hand.

I reported all the bounced/autoresponded emails to Google’s phishing team already. I hope they won’t go fishing on this one…

The worst that can happen, I suppose, is Google decides to suspend my email address or I get some hate mail from these unintended recipients. Tomorrow my exams begin and that’s all I care about now. One thing at a time. No point getting upset as it won’t help anything.

[Update: After checking my Sent folder, It appears my Gmail account had been broken into at 5.27pm yesterday, beginning with a ‘test’ message sent to an email address with a Russian domain, and from 12.17am today, a series of fake AdWords emails were sent. This is terrible! I have changed my password and also reported the first ‘test’ email to Google.]

Extending Gmail

March 22, 2008 7:17 AM

I’m catching up with Gmail blog posts and thought this tip was particularly useful. You can modify your Gmail address when you give it out to different organisations, so the next time you get emailed (or spammed) you know who the source is.

You can add a ‘+’ or ‘.’ after your Gmail username and emails will still be delivered to your main account. The benefit is that you can filter these modified email addresses. I’m going to start doing it now when I sign up for new accounts and newsletters.

Just saw this when I logged into Facebook. Maybe Mark Zuckberg did listen to the hisses at SXSW initially meant for him (before the audience turned on the journalist for being more annoying).

Facebook - more privacy

Check out the new privacy page and also the options to block specific Facebook apps from accessing your data.

Thank you, Facebook.

St Georges website update

September 19, 2007 1:45 AM | Comments (4) | TrackBacks (0)

After weeks of feeling things were out of control, I said my prayers and my eyes were opened to all the bugs I had missed previously. Now most of the design elements are working fine. As of 20 minutes ago I managed to get the site to validate. Every page tested so far is perfectly valid and looks great. At least, in Firefox. Har har. It's mostly the same in IE, shoudn't be noticeable but I'll see if more can be done.

The problem can, of course, be resolved if the world were to come to its senses and stop using IE. I wish.

I've had mixed feelings working on this project. During conflicts of opinions at meetings, I felt like retorting, "Who's the designer - me or you?" but held myself back. It made me remember why I stopped working as a web designer by profession and started managing vendors. It is tedious work. The designer is not always appreciated or noticed - until something goes wrong. Usually it is not something plain 'wrong' either but somebody didn't like the look. It's very subjective.

Some things I had planned to do were changed, after I had done them. I felt it looked like I was delaying the project as I made the extra changes that weren't planned. Also, I hadn't planned to spend so much time on the project as I had other work to do. Spiritually, it got me feeling down for a while and I didn't feel like going to church anymore. I actually skipped the previous week's service, but it was also partly because I was unwell. I haven't skipped a church service in years, apart from the times I was on holiday.

4 years ago when I designed the current church website, it started off difficult as people didn't know I could design - until I just went ahead and designed the site. Then they cut me some slack and we got things done quickly. This time round, we started off well, but then things got almost impossible for me. While moving to a CMS is definitely a step forward for us, I don't want to look at another Joomla template in a long, long time. I am not a programmer, and never claimed to be. I prefer building my own code from scratch, not starting off with someone else's multiple stylesheets. It's been a messy affair especially as everyone has a say in the design I'm working on. The team's nice; we just have very different ideas at times.

Still, ultimately we aim to please God and not men. I hope everything turns out for the better and we can look back on this and learn from it.

I hope to wrap up this project soon and get on with other things. I have too many ongoing commitments and too little time to myself. The little time I have left, I blog. Sleep is usually sacrificed, like what's happening right now.

Signing off...

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