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Weird and wacky

Sarah Palin pranked

Amusing. What’s got me curious is how easily one can call up Palin’s assistant. And surely there must’ve been some disbelief that French President Nicolas Sarkozy would call up Palin, but then again the repercussions of dismissing the real McCoy… Continue reading →

Lehman brothers joke

As I haven’t had time to blog much lately, I shall leave you with a joke reflecting the unstable times we’re in now. > Auditor’s one line report on Lehman Brothers Balance sheet: > > ‘There are two sides to… Continue reading →

Funny French ads

I was reading [Le Monde]( and noticed this funny kitchen ad. It’s on YouTube too, so here it is: If you like it, there’s [another ad]( in the series, too 😉

Prioritising Facebook

[Correction: My friend updated Facebook last … but still, she was pretty prompt about her status update!] At this point I am pleased to announce that one of my namesakes just did the following in this order: 1. Gave birth… Continue reading →

Me as a Simpson

Finally succumbed and got my own Simpsons avatar.

Brainwashed by work

After working here for over 3.5 years, I think I have brainwashed myself. Whenever I want to type “HP” as in Hewlett-Packard, I inadvertently type “HPB”. When typing the name of a person, “Heath”, I always type “Health” instead. There!… Continue reading →

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