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Weird and wacky

MBTIs – my experience with various personality types

Now that I’m on a blogging roll (NOT a blogroll, ha ha), here’s my take on the various personality types that I’ve lived with, worked with and studied with. Given my own inclinations I have also included thoughts on how… Continue reading →

The Village and the Dragon

There was a dragon that was wise and charming, and capable of great things. It possessed a wealth of knowledge nearly unrivalled in the realm. However, this dragon was also arrogant. Its wings were clipped, because it once tried to… Continue reading →

Excuse me, are you a lawyer?

Yesterday morning, I attended a lecture by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Ritz-Carlton. Due to the nature of the occasion, I was dressed formally, in a black pants suit and white shirt. Then I headed back to my office… Continue reading →

Why I Love Arsenal

These lads aren’t just big on the field, they’re also big-hearted, raising money for a children’s hospital. And they look adorable in their furry costumes! Nicknames I’ve thought of for each of them, based on what they’re wearing: – Theo… Continue reading →

T-shirts for Strategic Planners

[]( []( I have a shop. Sometimes I design things for fun to see how they look on T-shirts, mugs, baby clothes and other items. The only notable item I’ve had up to now was the [“Thinking Cap”]( which… Continue reading →

Will you marry me?

This month, I received two marriage proposals: The first, in jest from a classmate who’s attached and was just very happy that I arranged an on-campus massage service which was most satisfactory. (I was also called other highly complimentary names… Continue reading →

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