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Security warning: protect your email passwords!

Two days ago, I received a desperate-sounding email from a friend of mine, telling me she had gone to Africa but had lost her money, was starving and about to be kicked out of her hotel. She asked for specific… Continue reading →

Death of a Web 2.0 service

I said it before, and I’m saying it again. A few years ago, Rojo was my favourite news aggregator – a news feeds reader with Digg-like properties all rolled into one. Then Six Apart bought it over. The design was… Continue reading →

Googlejewce – Steve Rubel’s Twitter experiment

It was 1.45am, Singapore time. I saw Steve Rubel‘s Twitter post on how he was going to test Google’s search indexing speed by inventing a new word and posting it to Twitter. Out of curiosity, I Googled for ‘googlejewce’ and… Continue reading →

Fleck – annotation for websites

There’s a new Web 2.0 service called Fleck, which lets you make annotations on websites in a graphical format. For starters, here’s what I did for my own blog. Fleck will probably be useful in making notes on academic websites… Continue reading →

Crimebusting 2.0

CNN television reports that a woman caught two young men who stole her Palm Pilot. She went to Craigs List and arranged to meet with them. They tried to sell her Palm Pilot back to her. She also obtained identification… Continue reading →

Eric Meyer on diversity

Eric Meyer made a brave statement on the lack of gender diversity at web conferences (as previously posted by Kottke). He said it shouldn’t matter. I agree with him. Who cares if the speaker is male or female, gay or… Continue reading →

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