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Is HBR for or against Twitter?

Look closely at the screenshot of the Harvard Business Review’s home page, above. The rightmost article discusses the disadvantages of using of Twitter, but just below it is a button for subscribing to HBR’s Twitter feed. OK, it’s not as… Continue reading →

6 words for your teacher

Thank your teacher in six words, at []( There are so many things I want to say, I don’t know where to begin. A few of my favourite teachers are, sadly, deceased. Would it look strange to write, ‘Rest in… Continue reading →

Hitwise Awards 2008, Singapore

I was at the [Hitwise Singapore]( Online Performance Awards 2008 this evening. When I arrived at the venue, Indochine, surprisingly it wasn’t as packed as it was last year. It seems that one of the main taxi operator’s websites went… Continue reading →

No reason for this theory

Kevin’s blog just got hacked. You can still catch up with Kevin on other social media platforms such as Twitter. Hang in there, Kev… Update: Kevin’s blog is back! Risen from the dead.

Gmail IMAP

After hearing the buzz about Gmail offering IMAP access, but also hearing that this new feature wasn’t rolled out to everybody yet, I decided to check if my account had it. Sadly, it didn’t look like it and I thought,… Continue reading →

Does what happen in Facebook, stay in Facebook?

A thought-provoking video on Facebook’s privacy policy and the risks we face, along with background info of some people pulling the strings behind the scenes. It alleges that there may be links with the CIA and US Department of Defence…. Continue reading →

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