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Web Standards

Flickr badge doesn’t validate

I tried to tidy up my Flickr badge but realised that the default script tags that we’re given, actually produces code which doesn’t validate. A quick Google search indicates that other web-standards aware users are facing similar issues. I did… Continue reading →

Flash: A best practices guide

A parting note as I tidy up / revamp what I hope are my last series of Flash movies here. If you know your source files are going to be handed over to other designers or programmers, please: Label your… Continue reading →

The Importance of Being Compliant

My friend Lucian, who’s been freelancing as a web designer, writes of the difficulties he faced while convincing a potential client of the importance of web standards. I can completely empathise with him, though after being in the industry for… Continue reading →

CSS support in Flash MX 2004 limited

Here’s a good review of Flash MX 2004’s support for CSS. Apparently, it is not quite what we hoped it would be. Nonetheless it is a significant new feature and we hope Macromedia will continue to develop this feature to… Continue reading →

The CSS series

I’m going overseas next week to train people in web techniques and hopefully get them to appreciate and implement web standards in their work. At the same time, I’m also teaching a few good friends how to customise their own… Continue reading →

Hit them with Style

I couldn’t help lifting this off the latest Sitepoint newsletter: ‘New Official CSS Site Not Compatible with Internet Explorer The Web people at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) have made a gutsy move by launching a redesigned version of… Continue reading →

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