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Web Standards

Feeling validated

After feeling pretty pleased that I had so easily switched from the old site’s templates to MT4’s, I spent this weekend fine-tuning my sidebar and transferring static pages into the MT4 content management system. Then I decided to check out… Continue reading →

Getting Open and Social

I was interested to hear about Google’s OpenSocial API. They have cleverly stepped in to address the proliferation of social networks with different standards and made themselves the central connecting point. Despite the global popularity of sites such as MySpace… Continue reading →

Nested within these pages…

I spent a couple of hours yesterday cleaning some old website’s code that was handed over to me for temporary maintenance. It is the year 2007 but people are still using nested tables to arrange their text. Imagine a three-column… Continue reading →

Printing with style

I was applying for a CDP account online, and was asked to fill in my details. Finally, I had to print a summary page, sign it and mail it to them. However, these were the instructions: Select “File”, click on… Continue reading →

Microsoft’s own ‘StupidIEMarginHack’

This puts the icing on the cake – Someone looked at a Microsoft stylesheet and noticed a most amusing comment. See the original screen shot. So they’re human, after all. However, I just checked the stylesheet in question and it… Continue reading →

CSS support in email programs

I’ve always wondered to what extent the different email programs support CSS. Well, here’s the answer. Thanks to Jim Barraud (aka van6ogh) who posted this most useful link in Ma.gnolia. The article’s pretty thorough – they even covered Lotus Notes!… Continue reading →

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