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Social media happenings in Singapore

###New foreign talent!### The Agonist’s main protagonist (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun), founding editor Sean Paul Kelley, will be [relocating to Singapore]( for a few months as of 1 July. His readers have interesting comments on democracy in Singapore. May… Continue reading →

My SXSW 2008 panels

Finally fixed up a [rough schedule for SXSW]( So far these are my shortlisted panels for Interactive and Film. My selection is mostly Interactive, since this is what I’m being sponsored to cover, but as my work is moving into… Continue reading →

How to make a perfect cup of coffee

Finally, my video of Danny giving us a lesson in making the perfect cup of gourmet coffee at Geek Terminal, has been edited and compressed. Check it out: See my previous post on [Dinner at Geek Terminal](, for the full… Continue reading →

On new media strategy

David has an update on [Google happenings in Singapore]( He shares these tips from Google: > 4 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Online > > 1. Make sure people searching on Google find you easily (more info at []( >… Continue reading →

Congrats to Rinaz!

I have been out of touch with happenings in the Blogosphere lately, but I’d like to send my rather belated congratulations to Rinaz for winning the award for Best Asian Blog 2007! Sorry Rinaz, I meant to give you my… Continue reading →

New campaign and blog launch

We launched our new campaign for Fresh Air For Women today. I was glad that the press conference went fine. The team has been putting a lot of effort into the new website. We also set up a blog in… Continue reading →

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