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Traveller’s Log

Returning to Shanghai

It’s been a while since I wrote something here. I’ve been busy. In several hours’ time I will head to Shanghai for a holiday. It will be chilly but hopefully fun. Will write more when I’m there, if the internet… Continue reading →


Today I met my family at the Charles de Gaulle airport and drove them to Chablis. There was a big accident on the A6 highway because all cars stopped moving for 30 minutes, and people got out of the cars… Continue reading →


Day 1: Arrived around 9pm at Larnaca airport. We were greeted with lots of H1N1 warning posters. After collecting my check-in bag, I was welcomed at the exit by D, the bride-to-be, who was using a high-tech phone to video… Continue reading →

A Parisian escapade

Over the last weekend I made a trip to Paris to boost the economy. This mission was completed with Louis Vuitton (LV) being the main beneficiary. After a short train ride and an even shorter metro ride, we found ourselves… Continue reading →

Still in France

It’s been 3 weeks in France already and the food is great. I don’t miss Singapore food at all (Let’s see if this can last for 2 months). The breads, the cheeses, the wine, the champagne are all good. And… Continue reading →

In France

I and my housemate have settled down nicely in our little cottage in Samoreau, between a lake and the river Seine. Naturally if I ever waded *into* the river, you could rightfully call me ‘insane’.* So far we’ve attended one… Continue reading →

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