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Traveller’s Log

Clearing the air about purifiers

It is a known fact in Singapore that air purifiers and N95 masks will be in hot demand during the haze season. We may, however, be less aware of the air pollution in other countries which may be caused by… Continue reading →

Going Down Under

This coming week I will be in South Australia. I’m unlikely to post updates using this blog, because I’m getting tired of MT but have no time to either upgrade to version 5 or (more likely) migrate to WordPress. Twitter’s… Continue reading →

UK sum-up

I did many things in London, Bicester and Bristol. My classmates and I hold Bristol fondly in our memories, which is the main reason why we flew for 12 hours and spent more hours on the road to get there…. Continue reading →

All’s well

All’s well in London so far. It’s a bright sunny morning this Wednesday, which is a reprieve from the windy drizzle we had yesterday. Museum tally so far: British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum. Today the plan is to… Continue reading →

Revisiting UK

The busyness of the past 2 months has caught up with me, and so I haven’t had much time to blog, although I should still be more active on [Twitter]( But I had to ensure things were done before I… Continue reading →

Back in Shanghai

Shanghai was foggy when we arrived in the late afternoon, and remained murky until evening, when it got prettier simply because the city lights came on. We braced ourselves for the cold weather, but even the 3 layers of clothes… Continue reading →

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