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Interview with a Transformer designer

I just came across this post from PingMag, a Japanese design blog, which interviews Alex Kubalsky, the guy who designed the transformation of the Autobot, Mirage, for the current Transformer movie. I also love his model of Bumblebee – especially… Continue reading →

More Transformers uncovered!

I was spring cleaning last weekend and discovered more of my old Transformers! I took Sixshot, my favourite Decepticon, along. Little did he realise what he was in for… Click on the image to view the full-sized comic strip. Guest… Continue reading →


Watched the second Transformers movie with Monoceros today. It was action-packed. With teenage romance and morphing, organic robots, it was a case of American Pie meeting Terminator 2. Here are things I liked and disliked about the movie, and other… Continue reading →

Optimus Prime firing Megatron’s gun?

This is a really rare sight – Optimus Prime and Megatron team up to save the earth. Taken from Season 1 of the original Transformers. I bought the entire 4 seasons on DVD over the weekend and am still watching… Continue reading →

Guess their names!

An update on our Koi pond. Each of us got to choose 3 Koi (carp fish). I chose an orange-black-silver variety, reason being that I wanted my Koi to take after my favourite group of Transformers. The first two Koi… Continue reading →

An Interview with my first Transformer

Today I unpacked my first load of Transformer toys. Everybody, say hi to Hot Rod, the first* Transformer I ever owned! Character-wise, Hot Rod lives up to his name – he is a young Autobot with a fiery temper. He… Continue reading →

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