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The Blog Factor

SXSW Music panel. Panelists: [Gerard Cosloy](, [Amrit Singh](, [Sean Adams](, [Maura Johnston](, [Carrie Brownstein](, [Jason Gross]( *[Official description]( Music blogs have emerged as tastemakers by incorporating unfiltered opinion, audio/video playback, and immediate publishing. As their initial impact expands into the… Continue reading →

Futurists’ Sandbox: Scenarios for Social Technologies in 2025

This is the weirdest SXSW panel I’ve ever been to. The setting is a funeral parlour or church, with a fake pastor (complete with black suit) gives a final sermon to a fictitious porn star whose 13″ penis has been… Continue reading →

Moby: In conversation

*Official description: This session, hosted by BMI, will take a look at the musician’s relationship with cinema, from composing original scores (Southland Tales) to contributing and licensing his music for film and TV projects (The Bourne Ultimatum, Heat). In addition,… Continue reading →

Billy Bob Thornton: in conversation

*Official description: Oscar-winning actor/director, and country music musician Billy Bob Thornton has spent the last decade crafting one of the most unique and exciting careers in entertainment today. For SXSW attendees, he will sit and discuss the bridge between his… Continue reading →

The Future of Corporate Blogs

Mack Collier (The Viral Garden), Kami Huyse (Principl, My PR Pro), Mario Sundar (Community Evangelist, LinkedIn), Lionel Menchaca (Dell) The Dell blog was first conceived in April 2006 and Michael Dell himself was involved. 48% of the commentary about Dell… Continue reading →

Bio-Networks: Using Mobile Technology to Impact Healthstyle

Kate Bauer cites examples of how a guy hooked up his car alarm to his mobile phone so he’d know when it went off. A UK pub had problems with graffitti in their washrooms, so they required patrons to send… Continue reading →

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