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Breaking Bread with Brad

It is with some sadness that I learnt, via [Jeffrey Zeldman’s tweet](, that [Brad Graham]( has passed away. While I didn’t know Brad well, his death prompted me to dig up old photos I had of him, and look back… Continue reading →

Gmail junking valid emails!

Oh dear oh dear. .. I noticed that Gmail was applying the ‘Junk’ filter to a lot of valid emails. Many of them seemed to be just newsletters, but I was also disturbed that it had also filtered emails from… Continue reading →

Chinese joss paper used as SXSW table decor?

To my Chinese readers: Look at this photo and tell me what this is. This was the decoration on each SXSW Web Awards table. I didn’t notice it at first because there were many things going on, but then my… Continue reading →

Feedback on SXSW feedback

That’s right. I was just asked to fill up a SXSW feedback form and was amused with some of the questions and answer options. (Note that this survey was more on the *operational* aspects of SXSW rather than the actual… Continue reading →

Is Today’s Big Money in Cross-Media Licensing?

SXSW music panel. Katrina Carden McMullan, Bill Hochberg (moderator), Jessica Darraby. [Official description:]( This panel will explore legal and business issues arising from nontraditional uses of music-related intellectual property (music and graphic art copyrights, trademarks, band names and rights of… Continue reading →

Enhancing Digital Retail

SXSW Music panel. Panelists: Justin Sinkovich, Richard Gottehrer, Chris Fagot, Ted Cohen *[Official description]( Digital retail is a growth market, and recent developments are encouraging for artists and labels alike. While rights management systems have not disappeared entirely, customers are… Continue reading →

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