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Social networking

Unlike, unfriend

Many of us have been on social media sites like Facebook for a while, and over time we have probably accumulated a certain number of ‘friends’, ‘liked’ some pages and joined some groups. But have you ever considered that, at… Continue reading →

My views on social networking

Thanks to the students and staff at TKGS, MediaCorp’s Campus on 938 Live team and my fellow panelists for the lively discussion this morning on social networking. I won’t repeat what was said because there will be a podcast of… Continue reading →

Twitter users: Be genuine

I’ve noticed a trend – at least, on [my own Twitter profile]( – where a number of random Twitter users start following me. Their Twitter usernames and posts are about subjects that have little relation to my own tweets. This… Continue reading →

My puny Mob Wars attacker

As I’m now at a relatively high level in [Mob Wars](, I’ve found myself becoming a minnow even with over 100 mob members to back me up in fights. Most others have 200-500+ members in their mob, making them hard… Continue reading →

Facebook Friend Wheel

Dr Andy drew my attention to this cool [Friend Wheel generator]( on Facebook. It processes your list of friends into a wheel, drawing lines of connection to each other to form a beautiful chart. Friends’ names are coloured according to… Continue reading →

Killing the forces of darkness

As some of my good friends know, I’m addicted to [Mob Wars]( on Facebook. It’s become a bit less exciting now that I’ve bought every weapon and property that can be bought. It is also not very fun getting my… Continue reading →

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