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Second Life

Sexual Health in Second Life

I finally re-installed Second Life on my laptop’s new hard disk, and caught up on lots of SL notifications. As I handle the new media aspects of our HIV/AIDS campaigns, I was interested to hear that a Sexual Health sim… Continue reading →

State of Play – people to meet

Just to keep track of the buzz building up ahead of State of Play, these are the people I’d like to meet / am scheduled to meet: Joshua Fouts, Director of the Center for Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California…. Continue reading →

SL Singapore meetup – simply cowed over!

After Alvin‘s prestigious appearance on page 2 of Saturday’s Straits Times, our nation’s most established newspaper, you would think that our virtual Lion City (here’s my self-built slurl for those who have yet to visit it) would be a spanking… Continue reading →

Meeting Linden Lab’s CTO

I met Cory Ondrejka, CTO of Linden Labs, the guys behind Second Life. He was entertaining and frank, although I really had no technical questions to ask, so I just listened on. The key points from his talk: Linden Labs… Continue reading →

Voice in Second Life

I was invited to beta test the new Voice feature in Second Life. Instead of just tapping away on your keyboard and hearing, um, tappity sounds, you can actually hear the voices of the people you’re chatting with. I took… Continue reading →

VoIP trials in Second Life

Voice over IP trials in Second Life will begin in March, reports CNet. The beta stage will be free for all users. That’s about where the good news ends, because you may need lots of money to continue using it… Continue reading →

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